Technology and car companies are like hand in glove. The combination of two is bound to yield the most reliable and efficient transport ever! For the companies they want to offer seamless driving experience, want to increase their sales and are in a race to become an epitome of automobile industry. Tesla motors is a classic example in today’s world.

From a technological standpoint, the rate at which the advancements are happening – is so rapid that if we were to blink we’d miss out on essential developments. However, one way or another something groundbreaking is coming. To an extent there already is at Japan car auction live, but the future may revolve around autonomous technology.

In this article we have covered which latest developments in the car business can influence the years to come. Here they are as under:

1.      Autonomous cars

In this domain the name Tesla is currently leading the market. The electric car manufacturer is hell bent on coming up with cars from the future as have been depicted in countless Hollywood movies that run on autopilot. It was not long ago, when Tesla Motors shared a video where a Tesla car was seen driven on autopilot.

Tesla is working on installing hardware that will give birth to their long awaited autonomous cars. Yet tests are still to be finalized and concluded concerning it. The resolve of Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla Motors) here needs to be appreciated and is untiring. He has said that the world will witness its first autonomously driven car in 2018.

2.      Self-drivingcars

To rival Tesla, Nissan is stepping up its game and can implement technology used to work the Mars-Rover in their self-driving cars soon. It was in the January of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show that made an earth shattering announcement; it will be incorporating the NASA technology in order to keep in check their entire fleet of self-driving cars.

NASA has the Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE) technology that it uses for its Mars Rover which pre-define the routes and the Rover can seamlessly navigate the Mars terrain. If Nissan were to incorporate this, it would be an upgrade to the Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) technology which is presently in place for self-driving vehicles but has its limitations.

3.      Co-pilot feature in cars

Another feature in the world of autonomous technology. The leading chip manufacturer NVIDIA Corporation is developing a co-pilot feature to be embedded in the cars which will work in conjunction with artificial intelligence. This will enable cars to use its external cameras/radar to see any and everything around it.

The idea here is to help you learn to drive better. For example, if there is cyclist around your car, the cameras would let the driver know as it would be controlling the car for the most part. This collecting and sharing of data will help people become better drivers.

In conclusion

According to experts the demand for self-driving cars is going to hit an all-time high by 2035. They will be worth close to USD 77 billion.